Pick of the Week

Happy Holidays to all!!!  I hope everyone enjoys their winter break!

Here is a fun website to make a virtual snowflake.  

Some of you may have noticed the snowflakes on my door at school.  If you watch this website carefully it is the same technique I used to cut those snowflakes.  Here are specific instructions http://highhopes.com/snowflakes.html. Just make sure you use thin paper and good scissors! 

If you save one to the gallery let me know so I can check it how!

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2 Responses to Pick of the Week

  1. Laura DeThorne says:

    Hi Jill–I finally got around to checking out your website. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been missing out. I think it’s great, and one of the best attempts at home-school communication I’ve seen yet. Thank you! Thank you!

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