Snow Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying making snowmen, snowangels, and snow forts today!  It really is a winter wonderland out there. 

I thought I would take a minute to share some of the exciting lessons we have been working on in art class.


Kindergarten has just begun to create clay beads for a necklace.  Did you know that artists have been making beads for centuries?  Beads have been made out of many different materials like clay, glass, wood, and shells.  They have been made for jewelry, decorations, and even for trading. 

1st Grade

1st grade is finising up a paper quilt.  We created patterns on our quilts by repeating different colors and designs.  Now we are creating a person to sleep under our quilt.

A quilt made by Godelieve last year. Looks cozy!

 2nd Grade

2nd graders have been learning about 3D shapes like cylinders, cubes, and spheres.  They have been preparing a drawing of a dessert that will use to make a monoprint.  They are attempting to make their desserts appear 3D using tricks the artist Wayne Thiebaud uses. 

Our inspiration, "Cakes", 1963

 In addition to drawing their desserts using cylinders, spheres, triangular prisms, and cones, they are adding details, using the idea of overlap, and adding shadows.

A delicious cake monoprint from last year.

3rd Grade

3rd grade is just starting a lesson on weaving.  We are creating a strip of cloth inspired by Kente cloth from Ghana, Africa.  Each Kente cloth design has a name and a meaning that tell us about the Ashanti culture.  Even the colors are symbolic and have meaning

Kente cloth

4th Grade 

4th graders have been mastering the weaving process by creating a functional bag.  They created their loom, warped their loom and are now completing the weft.  They are anxious to finish them and bring them home.  I’m so pleased with their enthusiasm, patience, and skill!

5th Grade

5th graders are finishing up their unit on photography.  They have enjoyed using the new digital cameras to think about subject matter and composition.  In addition to taking photos they have discussed the subjects artitsts photograph and why artists might photograph those subjects.  Coming soon…. a slide show of their best photos!

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2 Responses to Snow Day!

  1. Mandy says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Alexa came home talking about making beads on Wednesday. Yesterday while she was home, she asked to play with the paly dough to make more beads. It seems that she is really enjoying art class.
    – Mandy Sutton

    • Ms. Lagerstam says:

      That is music to my ears!!!! So glad she is sharing her learning with you and seems to love art as much as I do!

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