Welcome and Welcome Back

After a restful and rejuvinating summer break, I’m ready to jump right into the 2010-2011 school year!  This year brings many changes, like a new principal (Ms. Eckels), new teachers, new students, and a shorter school day.  I’m excited about the possibilities of a new year and look forward to reuniting with my students and meeting my new students! So, welcome or welcome back to Stratton ART!

What’s new for Stratton Art?

This year I hope to continue incorporating technology through the use of my Smartboard.  I would also like to expand our virtual gallery at Artsonia. I began the gallery last year.  Now that I am more familiar with this site I hope to document more student work. I’m even thinking of teaching my students how to upload their work themselves. One of the reasons I really like this site is that my students are able to share their amazing artwork with family and friends all over the world!  More information will follow!

I will continue to improve the quality of my art program through grants on DonorsChoose.org.  Watch for new grants at my own personal webpage: http://www.donorschoose.org/art.  Here you can see projects that have been funded as well as new proposals.

Although I will longer be posting my “Pick of the Week,”  I will still be posting interactive art websites as I find them or as they pertain to lessons in class. Don’t forget about the sites listed on the left hand side of this website!  Fun for all ages!

This year we will also be “going green” in the art room.  I already have markers made from recycled plastic!  I hope to make my students more conscientious about waste in the art room, opportunities for recycling (check out the Glue Crew I just signed us up for!), and creating art from found objects!

Thanks for checking out my art website!  I hope to post often to communicate with my Stratton families and friends throughout this school year!  I love to see comments and suggestions so please, don’t be shy!

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