Classroom Improvements!

Maya helping me paint the stools


art room makeover


Every year I try to enhance the art room.  Over the years I have changed my room by: 

  • writing grants for bookshelves for our art library
  • pursuading Mr. Thomas to have a real wall installed where there used to be a folding wall to eliminate noise from the cafeteria
  • writing a grant for a table and a rug
  • pursuading Mr. Thomas to move the stove and refrigerator out of my room to make more space for students. 
  • converting an “office” in my room into a storage space

This weekend my daughter, Maya, and I painted the tops of the stools!  It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can really clean up and brighten a room.  Sometimes I call the tables by colors (indicated by a tissue paper flower hung above the table) so we painted the seats to match!

The next improvement I hope to make is a mural!  There is one large white wall that is just calling for a painting.  I’m not sure if I should paint it myself, commission an artist, or have the kids create it.  I am leaning towards a collaboration between the students and myself.  I’m open to suggestions, feel free to leave a post.

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