Proud Kindergarten Students!

Check out these outstanding bead necklaces the kindergarten students made! 

It took a lot of fine motor skills to create these masterpieces. First they used air dry clay to shape the beads, then they used a small wooden dowel to decorate their beads and to put the hole in each bead.  When the beads were dry they painted them with watercolor paint and then covered them with a protective varnish.  After much anticipation, they were able to sting the beads on a flexible wire to create their necklaces! 

Don’t you just love their proud faces! Thanks Soren, Malia, Lucia, and Tiera for modeling your work!

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2 Responses to Proud Kindergarten Students!

  1. Ana Pritchard says:

    It is amazing how kids can work making this necklace. I am so proud of Lucia and all the kindergarden hard workers.Of course thanks to Ms. Lagerstam for your dedication in this project!
    Congratulations to all..

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