Snowed in? Visit an Art Museum!

How is that possible, you ask.  Through the Art Project (powered by Google) you can explore art museums all over the world!  This is such an amazing resource. 

I went to NYC and “walked” around MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).  It’s tricky to navigate and it seems like you can only go to one gallery/room in the museum, but it does give you a good sense of what the museum looks like.  Then I examined van Gogh’s Starry Night.  I love how you can get so close to the paintings to see the brush strokes.  If I got this close in the  museum you can bet a guard would be asking me to step back!

Detail of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night

After visiting MOMA I took a trip over to Amsterdam to check out the van Gogh Museum to examine more work by van Gogh.  There I was able to examine The Bedroom.   

van Gogh, The Bedroom

 I had quite an adventure today and I haven’t even left my house!  I hope you are able to spend some time exploring art throught this exciting new project.

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