Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Stratton art class! The year is off to a great start. The first day of art class was spent reviewing expectations and decorating our folders. The folders will go home at the end of the school year filled with artwork and sketches.

All of classes have begun their first project of the year. Here is what they have been working on:

Kindergarteners have drawn self portraits and have explored making lines with various art supplies.

1st graders have learned the difference between 2D and 3D.  They are folding and rolling strips of paper to create wild and exciting roller coasters.

2nd graders have been learning about insects in their classrooms.  Students are able to apply this knowledge in art by creating a insect with an attitude! 

3rd graders are learning about weaving and will create their own piece of cloth using yarn. Here is a short history about Kente cloth.

4th graders are reviewing the elements of art; line, shape, color/value, pattern/texture, and space.  They are using all of these elements to create an abstract composition.

5th graders are beginning a unit on photography.  They have made photograms.  Photograms are photos made without a camera.  Check out some of Maholy-Nagy’s photograms or Man Ray’s Rayographs. Students will soon  take digital photographs. A special thanks to the Stratton PTA for providing digital cameras!  Students will also analyze the photographs of several notable photographers. 


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